Tax Reporting


In the United States tax reporting is a legal requirement for individuals and organizations to annually report wage and non-wage income earned in their profession or business to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The requirement for Tax reporting is combined with a set of unique and specific tax rules and regulations, along with the taxpayers’ filing status and tax tables.

CMM Financial Consultants offers the following:

  • Registered Tax Professionals
  • Experienced Personal Service
  • Electronic Filing/e-Services
  • Mid-Year and Year-End Tax Reviews

We will evaluate your tax situation, and examine any taxable events that require tax reporting. We will review the tax laws with your financial interests in mind. Failure to follow our authorized tax advice could result in the loss of hundreds or even thousands of tax dollars.

CMM Financial Consultants will serve as your Authorized Principal Official in communicating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As Registered Tax Professionals we receive immediate direct tax reporting updates and important law changes for tax reporting.

As Enrolled Agents and Tax Professionals, we believe in strong customer relationships. We will review your previously filed tax returns as far back as the Internal Revenue Service statute of limitations allows. We are constantly working on your behalf to make sure you receive every deduction and credit you are entitled to receive.

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Connie Morris-Moore
CEO of CMM Financial Consultants