Tax Advice


Our financial professionals provide advice and guidance on legislative tax changes to address your challenges and identify saving opportunities. Our philosophy is to serve as your tax guide and tax advisors.

Managing one’s life is like a journey. Therefore, by fostering a close and active relationship with our clients, our mission is to help clients plan their journey and be prepared to offer advice on legislative tax changes that may occur along the way.

It has been proven that if you do not seek and follow authorized tax advice and tax avoidance you may be giving up an opportunity of savings hundreds or even thousands of tax dollars.

We provide clients with tax advisory services and help them strategize and deal with changes in their personal financial situations. We offer sound advice that contributes to the reduction of tax liabilities.

Our tax advisory services include:

  • Retirement contributions and rollovers from qualified plans and IRAs.
  • Minimize the impact of the alternative minimum tax (AMT)
  • Charitable contributions and goodwill service planning
  • Educational Saving (529)
  • Pro-active year- end tax planning
  • Home Ownership

CMM Financial Consultants will help you understand the tax strategies, tax benefits and shortfalls of certain life events to ensure you are in the tax advantageous percentile.

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Connie Morris-Moore
CEO of CMM Financial Consultants