A budget is the foundation of every financial plan and it contributes to the success for reaching your financial goals. Budgeting is a process of projecting, monitoring, adjusting and controlling future income and expenditures. A budget that is tailored for your needs is an excellent tool to keep track of your cash flows, your actual expenses, and your discretionary income.

One of main the components in budgeting is the cash-flow statements (income, expenses).
CMM Financial Consultants will help you economize, save and assist you in avoiding catastrophic financial occurrences.

CMM Financial Consultants understands that budgeting is a learned behavioral practice. Throughout the budget process we are here to provide you with the guidance you will need for a successful financial future. We will initially conduct an educated trend analysis from your historical personalized financial data, of the inflow and outflow of cash items.

Next, we will prepare a budget plan that is specifically tailored to your income, taxes, investments and debts. We at CMM Financial Consultants, believe that a multi-faceted budget plan will help you identify your financial objective, find and evaluate financial strategies, as well as form the blueprint for helping you become financially solvent.

Our in-depth analysis will include a budget plan for the expected, the re-occurring and the unexpected expenses. We do this by constructing a computer generated personalized income statement with rudimentary formulas, outlining your expenses, savings and debt. Sound management of one’s cash flows eliminates some of the guesswork that can be associated with budgeting.

During the budget process we will provide a forecast of your revenues and expenditures, i.e. construct a budget analysis of how your budget might produce financially if certain strategies, events and recommended plans are implemented.

Furthermore, CMM Financial Consultants will periodically monitor the economic indicators so that we may adjust your budget appropriately, if needed.

CMM Financial Consultants’ goal is to collaborate with you and equip you with a sound balanced budget, where your income exceeds your expenses.

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Connie Morris-Moore
CEO of CMM Financial Consultants