CMM Financial Consultants are experienced Financial Service Providers with a clear understanding of the larger financial institutions operations and we have access to Executive Board Members. We are Registered Tax Preparers, with access to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) professional e-services database and we have contacts with IRS Advisory Boards. These registrations and relationships provide us with direct resources to better service you. We have extensive professional experiences in the financial markets and a deeper understanding of financial literacy than the general public, which places us in the best position to service you with these resources.

Our team continuously receives industry training and electronic law updates, by way of participating in financial webinars, tax seminars, and net working events offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and private institutions to receive primary source information concerning any new governing rules or financial transactional reporting.

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Achieving Financial Goals

• Managing your money
• Basic Investing
• Buying or selling a home
• Buying or leasing a vehicle
• Saving for retirement
• Saving for college
• Reducing your taxable income